Monsters, Maidens, and Mayhem is absolutely killing it’s goal on Kickstarter. The comic series by Nathan from Nathan’s Comic Art in Orange County, California has already raised $9500 when his goal was $3,000. His comic art features various famous monsters from the 1930’s to the 1970’s with very attractive maidens and complete destruction.

Nathans comics Art on Kickstarter and CrowdDistrict

Not only is Nathan a comic book artist, but he also is accomplished graphic designer. Even those unfamiliar with comic art can tell how well he draws and designs his art. He’s been working on this project for over a year and half and now turning to Kickstarter to raise funds to produce the drawings and renderings he’s created.

Analyzing his Kickstarter, there are multiple things to love about his campaign. First, his communication with backers. Through out his campaign, he is has been very attentive with his backers, which encourages me he will continue to provide updates to his backers once the project is completed. This is an ongoing trend in crowdfunding that really needs to change. I would like to see updates every 2 weeks.

Second, He’s decided against international shipping. Now, I have no problem shipping outside the US at all and I encourage people to do so. However, I love why he has decided this. He’s determined that because this is his first Kickstarter project, he wants to make sure everything goes as planned as possible. I can appreciate someone not getting in over there head.

Nathans comics Art on Kickstarter and CrowdDistrict

This is what I want in a project creator. A Kickstarter project should not be about squeezing out every dollar you can. You want to be successful enough to cover all costs and help you roll into the next stage of your business or venture. Cultivating a community at the beginning of your Kickstarter project is the most important aspect of your campaign. If you keep them happy, they will become your biggest fans and best marketing tool.
In a community where delivering late has become the norm, I believe Nathan will be apart of the few that deliver on time.

THE STEAL – $12 for 1 beautiful 48 page comic!