WallflowerFood Wear on Kickstarter is project bringing to you a bold and positive apparel line created to help change negative stereotypes on electronic dance music. The Wallflower Food brand revolves around good vibes and the belief that great music will keep you happy. The line of super fresh t-shirts all carry a message on them that everyone can dig.

I love this project for multiple reasons. First, this project has it’s roots in Kickstarter. Its these micro campaigns where artistic and entrepreneurial minded individuals could raise the money they needed to see their idea come to fruition. They set their campaign goal at $2,200 and with just under $2,000 raised, they will smash their goal.

Second, they will smash their goal because I am not only a sucker good vibes (who isn’t?), but the t-shirts are incredibly stylish. Combine any of these designs to your wardrobe and you look like somebody I want to hang out with.

Lastly, these shirts are a STEAL and I’m sure you aware I love a good deal. Anyone thats been shopping in the last 5 years knows a quality t-shirt from Active or Karmaloop is going to cost you $30 at the minimum. As I type this, there are two early bird spots left at $15 for 1 t-shirt.

The bottom line is that this young and creative team is offering you a very stylish, and cheap t-shirt that embodies a great attitude reflecting on the music they listen too.

THE STEAL – $20 for 1 very sweet T. (My favorite is ‘Start Your Day With Disco’)

WallflowerFood Wear - Feel Good Dance Music Apparel

WallflowerFood Wear - Feel Good Dance Music Apparel