The IronThread slim wallet is currently smashing their goal on Kickstarter. Currently on pace to hit $37,000 which is 752% according to Kicktraq would be phenomenal.

The fashionable leather wallet has an interesting story behind it. The project creator, Benjamin Roedel, took a vow with his wife that he would only purchase american made goods. The vow was inspired after Roedel’s father wrote a book called The Polaris Effect which goes into detail how the citizens of America can stimulate the economy by only purchasing American made goods.

Why This Wallet Is The Best We've Seen on Kickstarter

Having a difficult time finding quality goods from the US, he set out to created a blog of curated information. From there he decided to make a high quality leather wallet. After finding a suitable manufacture in his hometown (major plus), he turned to Kickstarter to bring American made wallets to everyone.

Why This Wallet Is The Best We've Seen on Kickstarter



Beyond the fact that I do love the ‘Made In America’ movement, I’ll get to the parts of the campaign Roedel has done really well and why this is a good project to back.

He found a manufacture in Los Angeles, within short driving distance from his home. This is incredibly important as if something goes wrong, it will be able to be communicated effectively and solved quickly. The further away you use a manufacture to product your product, the higher chance a small problem becomes a big problem.

He’s been quick on comments. Reading through his comment section, he’s already been very active answering backer questions and has even took the initiative to research adding another backer tier. This give me confidence he will continue to communicate early and often once the project is over.

Those two key points are what helps me decide if I want to back a product or not. He’s got a good story, used a manufacturer that’s local so there won’t be any major issues, and he’s been attentive to his current backers.

THE STEAL – $45 for quality made leather wallet. (First early bird already sold out!)