Wake & Bake: A Cookbook on Kickstarter certainly caught my attention. As I am sure you could already figure out from the title, this is a book catering to recipes you can combine with cannabis. Out of Colorado (where weed is legal), author Corrine Tobias is working to launch her first cookbook catering to vegan or gluten free users as well.

If you watched the video all the way through, you’ll see that this cookbook isn’t a joke at all. These masterpieces of delicious looking brownies, cookies, fudge and more will make you hungry by the end video. Also, I’ve never seen a frown from a man standing in a jungle of marijuana plants!

Wake And Bake: A Cookbook on Kickstarter

I dig the team as well. What they lack in business experience, they make up for in passion. Their goal is very reasonable and only set at 1K, which they have almost hit it (83% raised) with 12 days to go. This is the reason crowdfunding has become popular, Corrine has a niche product that she believes will benefit those who value a vegan and cannabis lifestyle. Besides, who doesn’t love a great edible?

It’s also worth it to mention that each recipe can be made without cannabis!

THE STEAL – $25 for 1 book, 1 bumper sticker, and 1 thank you note.

Wake And Bake: A Cookbook on Kickstarter