The motto behind Zackees Turn Signal Gloves is “To Be Seen”.  This mission is for riders everywhere to understand that your safety is often compromised by what you wear while riding. Founder Zachary Vorhies is moving to increase safety on the road in every aspect imaginable. Wouldn’t you like to enhance your level of safety when riding?

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves are a pair of gloves that could most certainly save your life. For cyclists, riding through busy streets, especially in the dark, is risky business. Drivers are often oblivious to cyclists, and misread their turning or movement signals.  Its also safe to say that most drivers are not always of what the standard cycling hand signals mean. It can also be said that cyclist are sometimes so focused on the road, they forget to use them. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves are working to solve the issues by putting a visibly bright turn signal directly on your hand.

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Not only cyclists, but also skateboarders and runners can use these turn signal gloves as well. With the turning signals directly on your hands, signaling to others on the road is as simple as waving to them.

The gloves themselves have the ability to automatically adjust the luminosity to match the brightness of your environment, saving battery life as much as possible. Although equip with LED lights these turn signal gloves are also 100% washable.

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The goal is to make you be seen. These gloves are the perfect safety measure for cyclists, skaters, and runners. Sharing lanes with cars can be dangerous, and not having the ability to signal puts those on the road at risk. Turn Signal Gloves communicate to drivers and let them know to be cautious, and recognize your movement.

For your loved one, adventure junkie, or college student who is always rushing to class, give them a weapon that can ensure their safety on the road and give you a better peace of mind.

THE STEAL: $59 for your pair of Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

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