Converting your home into a smart home is easy and inexpensive with Plugaway. The Plugaway system syncs your smart device with Plugaway’s Smart Plugs and LED Bulbs. These accessories wireless connect with your smartphone so you can monitor you home from where ever you are.

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The idea of a smart home can seem intimidating to most. It bears with it the notion of a self-sufficient robotic household that is overwhelming to the average consumer. But those Disney days of Smart House are upon us.  I’m not saying we need to have a fully functional smart home, but the notion of monitoring our electricity and our energy consumption is becoming a necessity. With smart homes households everywhere are cutting energy costs, finding alternative methods of power, and recognizing the idea of green living.

The Plugaway system provides an easy and conventional way of integrating the smart home mentality into your household. The Smart

Plugs and LED Bulbs are simple-to-use and customizable. You can alert, schedule, and monitor your energy as the free app provides a clear interface for even the more recent tech users.

Plugaway gives you the power to control your lights when you forget them on, know exactly how much your energy is costing you, and customize your home to fit your mood. Turn your home into a smart home today.

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