Triflex is a new and innovative take on the traditional tripod camera stand to give anyone using a camera the ability to take their creativity to the next level.

Triflex camera tripod and mount on kickstarter 2

The Triflex is a tripod camera stand, but breaks away from the pack by having three completely bendable, rubber coated, and durable 12-inch wire legs. This awesome concept allows you to place your camera anywhere you can bend and latch the legs to. Imagine easily and securely attaching your camera high up into a tree, to a fence, to the lights on your ceiling, or anywhere you can get creative enough to experiment with.

Another great attribute of the Triflex is that it will work with your GoPro if you have the tripod mount attachment (if you don’t, you can get one on the Kickstarter campaign by adding $10 to your pledge amount). This would be an incredible addition to any GoPro user’s arsenal of filming tools, and open so many doors to shoot some stunning footage.

The closest available attachment that GoPro offers with a somewhat similar functionality as the Triflex is the Jaws Flex Clamp, which would run you a whopping $49.99, without shipping. But even then, the GoPro’s option doesn’t offer as much freedom as the Triflex.

THE STEAL: The Triflex is only $25.

To make things even better, the team behind the Triflex, Ducke, is stacked with engineering experience.

Ducke is a company headed by Derek Miller out of Boise, ID. Derek has used his mechanical engineering degree to gain over 5 years of experience doing product design, CNC machining, and project management through his service business Miller Technical Services.

Triflex camera tripod and mount on kickstarter 3

Derek and his team over at Ducke are ready to take on production at their own factory, but if things really start to take off on their Kickstarter campaign, they have developed relationships with other factories that would help take on excess orders.

As of right now, they only have 19 backers and have raised $506. Help Triflex become a reality and take your photography and video shooting to the next level, and help them hit their goal of $2000 in the remaining 15 days of their campaign.

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