Michron is a single device that transforms the way time-lapse photography is captured. Time-lapse photography is extremely popular form of artistic presentation. Although often misconceived as time-lapse video, time-lapse photography is a cinematography technique in which film frames are captured at a much lower rate than they would be played. Simply put, time-lapse photography is made up of a bunch of photographs that are sequenced together to look like a video.

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The fascination with time-lapse photography is in the power to manipulate and control time. This notion is what captures our attention so easily. Whether it’s a time-lapse of you baking a cake or the daily course of the Las Vegas strip, the ability to view the progression of time consumes you.

Although it may seem as simple as leaving a camera on for hours at a time, the manual technology behind time-lapse photography hasn’t been fully developed. To solve this issue the minds at Vivo Labs have created the Michron.

Sailing out of the San Diego area, known for not only terrific weather, beautiful women, and the best beer on the planet, but a hot spot for time-lapse photography, this team has developed a simple device that controls your camera’s entire time-lapse mechanism. The Michron is known as an intervalometer. This intervalometer is special because there isn’t a bulky screen or complicated interface, but instead pairs with your phone to program the functions.Michron Time-Lapse Photography CrowdDistrict

With the Michron App, your device has the ability to work automatically without even touching your camera. For beginners there is no fuss, just sit back and relax. For experience photographers the Michron is also capable to control interval ramping and smooth light transitions. Along with these functions HDR bracketing is also an option.

If you are looking to step up your photography standards, or work with time-lapse photography like a professional, check out the Michron.

THE STEAL: $50 for one Michron, a trigger cable, and a programming cable

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