The Young Turks are reaching out on IndieGoGo to build a studio of their own. For those who don’t know, The Young Turks Network is one of the largest political news sources in the world. The Young Turks Network believes they can take on the system, change the government view, and bring politics back to the people.

The Young Turks (TYT) have an eleven-year broadcast history currently holding the seat as the largest internet news networks. The network holds true to standing up against the establishment, challenging conventional wisdom, and not accepting the fabricated truth. TYT has bounced around from studio to studio since their start on Sirius Satellite Radio in 2002. Currently their broadcast is maintained via Youtube, and have yet to find an actual home to call their own.

The “Let’s Build It Together” campaign has kicked off efforts to build TYT’s own studio from the ground up. Much like any full-scale production the need for set design, cameras, audio equipment, monitors, and recorders are all a must. Because its viewers have built the network, the Build It Together campaign allows TYT donors to build the new studio together by donating. Every donor will be commemorated on TYT’s website and on a donor was at the studio.

Donate to The Young Turks on IndieGoGo #IAMTYT

the Young Turks

Young Turks
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