The Pocket Drone is a flying robot device that enables anyone to capture photo or video footage from the sky using a GoPro.

the pocket drone kickstarter 2The way it works is that the device comes as a ready to use multicopter, complete with batteries, battery charger, radio controller, and more. You attach a GoPro to the front facing mount, and just like that you’re ready to take off and capture stunning aerial footage.

This product has an incredible list of features that really make this drone very special:

  1. Unique cutting-edge collapsible compact design.
  2. Easy to fly and simple to maintain.
  3. Lightweight with maximum payload.
  4. Ready to fly (RTF) with everything you need out of the box and quick to deploy.
  5. Advanced software and systems with autopilot and “Follow Me” mode.
  6. Longest flight time of any multicopter under $500.
  7. High quality materials and components.
  8. Upgradeable, expandable and hackable.
  9. Designed with multiple safety features.

Of the features listed above, the thing that really blew us away was number 5 on the list, the advanced software*. They plan to offer state of the art flight connectivity where you can integrate an autopilot flight plan with Google Maps, make a flight plan by setting GPS waypoints, and even a “Follow Me” mode using a mobile device with GPS capabilities.

*Software compatible with: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, with iOS compatibility coming soon.

THE STEAL: The Pocket Drone has a ready to fly package available for $495.

All the bells and whistles mentioned earlier come included with this backer package, no stretch goals or future additions to wait around for.

The Pocket Drone is put together by a team of three drone fanatics over at AirDroids, based out of San Diego, CA.

The lead of AirDroids is Timothy Reuter, founder and creator of The Pocket Drone. Timothy has a long history of experience with drones. These experiences range from being the president and founder of the Drone User Group Network (or DUGN for short) with 10 chapters internationally and 2,000 members, to being a major advocate and pundit of commercial and consumer drone operations.

The rest of AirDroids team is comprised of TJ Johnson and Chance Roth. TJ is the primary engineer, designer, and developer of the Pocket Drone. Chance is a serial entrepreneur that has a wide range of business acumen, with strong expertise in the Internet and consumer product industry.the pocket drone kickstarter 2

The Pocket Drone is clearly a product unique to the market, with very few competitors. After searching through GoPro multicopters already on the market, nothing even comes close when you look at the features the Pocket Drone offers.

As of right now, the campaign for the Pocket Drone has 403 backers, surpassing their $35,000 goal with a total of $173,100 raised. This all comes after 6 days of campaigning, and 54 days to go before its over.

Why I think this campaign has seen such wild success (besides having a unique product):

1. They have a working product.

To have actual footage from a working Pocket Drone makes backers far more comfortable supporting the project.  These guys don’t just have experience in the field and have a cool concept; they’ve brought their idea to creation and used to it to shoot real footage in their video.

2. No annoying/distracting stretch goals.

The AirDroid team let everyone know that all the bells and whistles come included. They don’t need to reach a certain amount of money raised to do something, they already thought of it and added it.

3. The Airdroids team clearly have a passion for and are respected veterans of the Drone Community.

In Mark Cuban’s 12 rules for startups, rule number 1 states, “Don’t start a company unless it’s an obsession and something you love.”

4. They have a transparent campaign.

Backers are able to see the exact steps they took for pre-production, and the steps they will take for production after funding is completed. No backer wants to see their money go to waste, and AirDroids has a well thought out and prepared Kickstarter campaign.

THE STEAL: The Pocket Drone ready to fly package runs at $495.

This article was written by of CrowdDistrict.