The Plinth is a tiny, instant and very stable stand for any tablet, phone, e-reader, or book.

Plinth tablet and book stand kickstarter 2The idea is simple and the product looks and works awesome. As someone who owns a tablet, I think that the Plinth looks phenomenal.

I spent a long time searching through the internet trying to find the perfect stand, or at the least a case that has the ability to stand up my tablet.

I ended up buying a keyboard and case combo, with three very limited viewing angles, and cost me $120.

THE STEAL: The Plinth is only £15, or about $25. And that’s the price including the international shipping fee.

I really like the Plinth because it offers some awesome flexibility for viewing angles. Also, it is incredibly small, light, and portable; not appearing to look much bigger than an iPhone. What really got me interested in the Plinth was the video, which was very well done and put together.

The creator, John Bull, introduced the problem in only 30 seconds and then pulled out a Plinth from his shirt’s front pocket. The product was presented quickly, and then the video focus is on the product displaying it’s many uses as a stand for tablets and even some large books. No distracting back stories or creator ego’s, just the way it should be.

John Bull is the head of John Bull Design Ltd, which consists of a team of 8. John Bull Design Ltd designs products for a wealth of clients in every sector, with clients ranging from lone entrepreneurs to big multinational companies. They operate out of Somerset in the UK, and have in house 3D printing.Plinth tablet and book stand kickstarter 3

They currently have 251 backers and have raised £5,030 of their £35,000 goal. There are still 23 days to go before this project is over.

While I personally love the idea of Plinth, there are some problems with their Kickstarter campaign that may prove to be setbacks to the project.

The first and most serious problem I can find with the campaign is the ability to raise £35,000. The Plinth comes with a pretty cheap price tag, and right now the average pledge is £15. If that trend continues, they will need to have 2,334 or more backers to have this project funded, which will prove to be very difficult.

The second problem I have with the project is that the website for the Plinth links to the JB Design website. I can’t even find the Plinth on their company website. While it is nice to know that JB Design is a successful company with plenty of experience, people will be backing the Plinth, not JB Design. This also leads me to believe that they are banking solely on the success of their Kickstarter campaign to bring the Plinth to creation and don’t have a plan for life after Kickstarter.

And finally, it was difficult to find any images to put into this article. Every Kickstarter campaign should come with a media kit.

Despite these problems with their campaign, I really like their product and feel like it would be a great addition to anyone, whether it be for displaying a tablet to surf the web, or a student’s textbook while studying.


This article was written by of CrowdDistrict.