The Dash headphones, engineered by Bragi, are the ultimate in-ear bud headphones, with wireless and smart tracking technology capabilities.

The Dash bragi wireless headphones kickstarter 2In a time where you see more and more wearable technology devices emerging, like smartwatches or Nike’s FuelBand to name a few, this is one device that could potential drown all the others out. The Dash Headphones is the wearable smart device that the world has been waiting for. The list of features is impressive and all-inclusive, so prepare to be blown away.

The Dash has the ability to track your body performance during a workout, monitoring things like distance, steps, pace, rotation, turns, speed, cadence, time, g-force, airtime, heart rate, calories burned, body temperature, and more. All of these workout metrics and statistics are monitored and can be synced to your smartphone through the free app they will provide. Also, they can read you your statistics to you through the headphones in real time, mid workout.

THE STEAL: The world’s first smart headphones come at a massively discounted price of $199.

If you’re not interested in features geared towards working out or athletics, The Dash headphones still have some incredible functionality you’d probably be fascinated in.The Dash Bragi wireless Headphones kickstarter

They have 4GB of memory, giving you the choice of connecting to your smartphone’s music via Bluetooth, or you could simply load about 1000 songs into the headphones. How nice would it be for runners to replace their awkward smartphone arm straps by just putting buds in their ears and go?

*Despite being completely wireless and having their own storage, The Dash headphones can play music and track your body for about 3 hours before the battery runs out*

The Dash headphones can be used to talk with, to listen to, or to ignore the world. Trying to drown out annoying noises and focus? Trying to sleep on the plane? They have passive noise isolation and audio transparency abilities. (See: Richard Sherman commercial). They have ear bone microphone technology for more accurate voice recognition to be used as a Bluetooth headset when calling people off your phone. They are water resistant up to 1M deep, and show someone surfing in their product video. And last but not least they come with a touch control interface, allowing you the ability to slide up, down, left right, or tap to issue commands and completely control your music or workout statistics by touch.

They have obviously put together a superior product, but you have to pay respect to their campaign, because it is about as flawless as they come. The Dash has an extremely visual page. We couldn’t begin to imagine how hard it was for Bragi to put a product as complex as The Dash into such a visual project presentation. Also, they have a very simple and to the point website, complete with pages for developers to learn more about how to adapt The Dash into their own 3rd party applications, and a press kit for the media.

Another thing their project has that should be noted for those considering their own, is that they offered 1000 early bird specials for early adopting backers to get more traction early on to generate more interest from visitors to Kickstarter. Traction early on in a campaign is crucial for success.

The Dash Bragi wireless Headphones kickstarter 3For the doubters that can’t believe this product could come to life, the team at Bragi offers a bio about every member of the team, and boast that they have brought a combined 400 products to market with a combined 20-21 years of experience.

One last thing we really liked that Bragi’s Kickstarter page only scratched the surface on is applications for The Dash outside of your everyday music listener. Imagine gearing The Dash towards a squadron of soldiers, tracking their health in real time remotely and being able to identify where to send help quicker, or communicate all at once with ease. Or imagine being a sports coach or physical therapist and implementing the technology to all of your athletes/patients and tracking their improvement to give better training advice. The applications for The Dash really are endless. (They offer open source on their software so that developers can create solutions for 3rd party apps. Bragi wants their focus to be solely on their product.)

Bragi has already crushed their $260,000 Kickstarter goal, and when this article was started, we watched in real time as over $250,000 was pledged in one day.

The Bragi team expects that their product will be completed and shipped by about November or December 2014. Don’t let the long product development process stop you, because the end product could very much be a life changer.

THE STEAL: The most technologically advanced headphones ever made for $199.