The Cord Taco is a stylish way to organize your cords. Mike Macadaan has taken a very creative spin on his Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign by keeping your iPhone chargers organized. The Cord Taco, Cordito, and Cordlupa are pretty sweet little ways to keep your chargers with you while you’re on the go.

Since upgrading to the iPhone 5, I have found myself in many different situations where I need to charge my phone and every one around me had iPhone 4 or 4s chargers which left me in a bind. With the Cord Taco or Cordito, I can keep all my chargers with my in a classy leather case.

I love the design and craft behind the production of all three products. I think Mike did an excellent job trying match professional brief cases and I look forward to seeing the end product.

The Cord Taco and Cordito is clean, suave, and cheap! THE STEAL – $7 for the custom Kickstarter Cord Taco. Only 8 spots left!