In the ever-changing world of iPhone and iPad cases, it is hard to find a product that is absolutely perfect. It’s hard to find a case that displays the beauty and functionality of our devices. With mass production of iPhone and iPad cases, it is even more difficult to find quality protection for your device without compromising the sleek and innovative design.

Access Case - iPhone iPad - CrowdDistrict - Kickstarter_1Nodus has launched the Access Case. The Access Case is an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Galaxy S4 case that is dubbed the world’s most versatile iPhone and iPad case on the market.  Protected by a slim and stylish leather folio, the Access Case uses Micro-Suction technology to maximize the functionality of your device. Micro-Suction technology works by creating thousands of tiny vacuums between the rubber pad on the folio and your device. It creates a strong and repeatable bond between the case and your device. With this innovative new technology, attaching and removing your device leaves no residue and is virtually effortless.

This is the only case that allows this much freedom between the user and the device.

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The Access Case’s premium Italian leather folio is extremely durable and also includes a subtle and stylish utility pocket. This pocket can act as a wallet or accessory for carrying cards, money, or anything else you could think of. The utility pocket on the iPad case allows you to store larger items such as paper documents or small notepads. When the case is closed, all the contents are hidden and protected from falling out.

The Access iPhone and iPad case comes in three colors, ebony, ruby and chestnut, with a mystery color available for future release.

THE STEAL: Deals start at $39

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