Have you ever wanted to change a song, but were stuck in a comfortable position? Maybe stuck in a deep conversation? Or perhaps things are getting to hot and the casual Tiesto banger is ruining the mood?

I think we can all agree that music is key, for fulfilling life’s everyday tasks. The folks at Auris have designed a sleek, user friendly device to make that integration a whole lot easier. The Auris Skye is a portable WiFi device that can sync your music player to almost any docking station. As the iPhone, Galaxy, and Android devices continue to evolve our past “iPod Dock Players” are becoming less compatible. The Auris Skye cures this issue by connecting any iPhone, Android, or wireless device directly with the portable receiver, making your old technology everlasting. You can use it in your car, in your home, at the beach or at that friends apartment who still pre-games to Ke$ha. The power of your music is in your hands.

THE STEAL – $64 gets you one Auris Skye