Just 5 days ago, TechCrunch editor John Biggs launched a campaign on Indiegogo to seek funds for his novel for young adults, Mytro. His novel is currently sitting at $3,721 of his $8,000 goal with 40 days to go.

According to his Indiegogo page, the book is written for young adults, but fun for all ages. The book features a secret system of subway trains throughout the world that interconnect different capitals. However, Mytro goes beyond the unknown train system to reveal the kids who discover it, and the dangerous strangers looking to control it.

TechCrunch Editor Turns To Crowdfunding For Mytro

Imagine if you discovered a secret train system with your best friends in your early teens?

I think it’s an amazing idea with a potentially great story a young adult can relate to. Everyone remembers the trials and tribulations of being a teenager in middle or high school and trying to find your self while fitting in. I imagine Biggs will build much more on Mytro than secret train systems and develop a great character the reader and grow with.

I remember turning to many different books that featured  young adults facing new situations like Lord of the Flies and the Harry Potter series. While I was never thrust onto a stranded island or discovered I was wizard, I could parallel the confusing and amazing situations of survival and personal discovery the main characters in each novel experienced.

The Campaign As A Whole

As far as analyzing his campaign goes, I appreciate two features about his campaign. First, he brings a great deal of credibility. With a resume that includes TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and the NY Times, you can be rest assured he’s been writing his whole life. Not that any of the publications has to do with young adult fiction, he’s clearly an accomplished storyteller with a passion for writing.

TechCrunch Editor Turns To Crowdfunding For Mytro

Beyond the initial product, he’s made a very short and concise summary of the project which is a very effective campaign. Having to sift through tons of unnecessary information to get to the points that a supporter wants to hear can be frustrating and turn off  someone to the project. I also value his choice to use a shorter video. The occasional funny ones are fantastic but you’ve got to think about your campaign as one big sale. The quicker you give the potential supporter the information they need about your project, the less time they need to think about whether or not they should support it.

Finally, his project is very reasonably priced. For just $7 you can get lost in a world secrecy and travel, or share the story with a loved one who might have a wild imagination.

I supported this project and believe John has the ability to produce a great product. I look forward to experiencing his first book!

THE STEAL – $7 for an ePub or PDF copy.