• Life Itself | Roger Ebert Documentary

    Life Itself | Roger Ebert Documentary

    November 24, 2013, By Nick Warner IN Film & Video, Life

    “Life always has an unhappy ending, but you can have a lot of fun along the way, and everything doesn’t have to be dripping in deep significance.” …Roger Ebert If you’ve gone to the movies, read the news paper, seen a movie trailer, or have been alive for the better half of the 20t [...]

  • EAVEShield | Xbox Privacy System

    EAVEShield | Xbox Privacy System

    November 23, 2013, By Nick Warner IN Technology

    The EAVEShield has launched on IndieGoGo in the nick of time. The EAVEShield is a device that covers the camera and microphone on the Xbox One’s new Kinect 2.0 device that happens to be launching tomorrow. Reports of the enormously advance Kinect 2.0 have been littering our lives ever since the X- [...]

  • Airtame | Wireless HDMI Anywhere

    Airtame | Wireless HDMI Anywhere

    November 23, 2013, By Nick Warner IN Technology

    Airtame is a wireless HDMI dongle that can plug into any TV, Projector, or Monitor. Airtame is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux and allows you to duplicate or multiply your computer screen on any platform you use. As we are moving into the new age of technology A/V and VGA components are beco [...]

  • Rise Sit Tracker | Track Your Health

    Rise Sit Tracker | Track Your Health

    November 23, 2013, By Nick Warner IN Design

    Rise Sit Tracker on IndieGoGo is a wearable device that tracks the amount of time you are sitting per day. The goal of Rise is to promote health and give users an awareness of their unhealthy behavior.  For those of us who spend most of our day sitting down, we are seriously putting our health [&he [...]

  • Halo | iPhone Security Case

    Halo | iPhone Security Case

    November 13, 2013, By Nick Warner IN Design, Technology

    Halo is a ground breaking new iPhone case that unites elegant design and security. Recently launched on IndieGoGo, Halo features everything you could ask for in an iPhone case. The case itself is an alarm system the can be triggered by either Halo’s app or though the detachment of the uniquely des [...]

  • Panono | Panoramic Camera Ball

    Panono | Panoramic Camera Ball

    November 13, 2013, By Nick Warner IN Recent, Technology

    Panono is a panoramic camera ball that captures everything in every direction. Panono allows you to capture every moment of your life and allowing you to relive that moment in an instant. The power of a panoramic camera like Panono is that it not only is able to document an entire scene, but it also [...]

  • Ficks | Beat Your Hangover

    Ficks | Beat Your Hangover

    November 13, 2013, By Nick Warner IN Breaking News, Food, Popular

    Ficks is a cocktail fortifier that allows those who seek a work-life balance to fight their hangovers. Launching on IndieGoGo, Ficks uses a unique blend of vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants to replenish your body after a long night out. For most of us, we are always battling our social lives [...]

  • We The Kings | Band Smashing Goal | IndieGoGo

    We The Kings | Band Smashing Goal | IndieGoGo

    October 5, 2013, By Andrew Little IN Music

    We The Kings out of Florida led by front man Travis Clark alongside Danny Duncan, Hunter Thomsen, Coley O’Toole, and Charles Trippy are in the process of shattering their goal on IndieGoGo to raise money for their 4th studio album. They are currently at $101,000 after a goal of $35,000. My fav [...]