THE STEAL - $25 for a really, really sick shirt.

The Gods and Demons Collection by Sage Trail is a new line of art he has been working on for years. While it looks like he may be using some kind of software to generate the tribal masks, each piece of work is hand drawn and takes weeks or months to complete. The campaign for these shirts has been launched on Kickstarter.

Straight up, I love these designs. Sage Trail has completely captured my style. It blends an intricate design with a savage creepy feel that is just intimidating to look at. You know having any one of these pieces in your house will emulate an alpha male dominance to your guests as they enter your home.

On the flipside, this art would be perfect in a dimly lit, craft cocktail bar that caters to mostly hipsters. You’re not sure how you got to this bar, but you see these tribal masks on the wall and continue to sip on your cucumber gimlet in awe.