The Tillow is the new generation of beachwear that gives any beach goer a comfortable and secure towel to make life on the beach that much easier.  For beach goers, the bare necessities are your bathing suit, sunscreen, and towel. While going to the beach with the bare necessities is fun and relaxing, there are still minor burdens.

What happens when you go into the water and leave all your stuff behind? Beyond the essentials, you have your sunglasses, wallet, cellphone and maybe a bluetooth speaker. Do you really feel safe covering all of that up with your tank top or jean shorts?

Spend Time At The Beach? Tillow Is The Answer To Your Prayers

Then there is the comfort aspect. While laying on the sand everyone has either used their tank top as a pillow (which never works) or built small sand mountain beneath your towel.

The Tillow is seeking to enhance your experience with one useful tool that makes going to the beach more secure for your personal items and comfortable for you.

The Tillow is a beach towel with a built in contour foam pillow for maximum comfort. The pillow can be removed for washing and is sealed with a moisture resistant lining. Tillow also includes two camouflaged and water resistant storage pockets that keep your belongings safe from strangers. On of those pockets being a complete touchscreen sleeved design for your smart phone and any media device. You can answer calls, listen to music, and creep through Instagram without having to worry about damaging your phone.



Spend Time At The Beach? Tillow Is The Answer To Your Prayers

We reiterated a lot of the things Katie mentioned in her video below, but she’s spot on. As a native of Orange County and resident in Pacific Beach, California, I’ve hit every problem she mentions. If you live anywhere near water, I know you can relate to her as well.

A regular beach towel the size of the Tillow retails between $12-$16. She’s offering the Tillow with all of its accessories for $25. Be prepared for beach season and get your Tillow.

THE STEAL – $25 for one Tillow.