Southern Boy Teas on Kickstarter is a perfect example of one of the many reasons I love crowdfunding. Frank Horbelt of Southern Boy Teas is using an amazing social platform to reach a new customer base for his exceptionally reasonably priced iced teas.

His video is incredibly tranquil and you can envision yourself drinking his tea while sitting out on the porch of a plantation enjoying the short period of time that day light is escaping into the night. He describes iced tea as a social event or something of a fancy offering to guests as they come over. As a product of Southern California, this is something I have not experienced, but drinking his tea will bring me that much closer to it.

I am a huge fan of iced tea, and its my preferred drink of choice outside outside a great beer or glass of wine. I supported this project and look forward to living the southern boy dream!

THE STEAL - $10 for 4 flavors of Southern Boy Iced Tea.