Recently launched on Kickstarter, SNEAKERPHITT is a shoe insert that allows you to wear you sneakers at whatever level of comfortably you choose.

As a kid, I used to stuff my shoes with socks so that the laces would lay relaxed. I understood that in the world of sneaker collection, how you wear your sneakers can make or break your fashion reputation. For avid sneaker collectors and fashion dons having your shoes match your outfit is a standard way of living. In order to fit your level of style, sometimes you need to wear your sneakers a little loose.

Loose sneakers can sometimes cause blisters, sore feet, and terrible looking shoes. To solve this issue of style and comfort our boy Rich Tompson has created the SNEAKERPHITT. The SNEAKERPHITT is a padded insert that allows sneakers lovers to wear their shoes loose, and maintain the functionality of their shoe. Relax your laces without the worry of your sneaker slipping off.

Richard, through serious pivots and testing trials has also created a custom designed sock that works with the insert. The sock itself holds a seamed pocket for the SNEAKERPHITT to slide into.

Check out the SNEAKERPHITT on Kickstarter and peek at their awesome incentives.

THE STEAL: $15 for 1 set of inserts and 3 pairs of customs socks

SNEAKERPHITT- Shoes Insert Kickstarter
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