Skulpt Aim is currently raising funds on Indiegogo for a new wearable technology that measures your fat percentage and MQ, or muscle quality. This new device is a bit thicker than your smartphone, but roughly the same height and length. It works but activating the device, pressing it up against a specific muscle region, and within seconds will give you stats on your body.

  • MQ, or Muscle Quality, is a measure of a muscle’s strength and definition. It is calculated by analyzing how current flows through muscle tissue using multi-frequency signals applied with four different electrode configurations.

Skulpt Aim on Indiegogo via CrowdDistrict

Skulpt Aim, created by Dr. Jose Bohorquez and Dr. Seward Rutkove, co-founded Skulpt back in 2009 after Rutkove had been involved in researching muscle health for over a decade. Not content with the limited options available, he teamed up with MIT graduate, Bohorquez to build a better, and measurable device for athletes everywhere.

Behind The Project

This project is not your normal crowdfunding campaign. The project creators have done a number of both interesting and strategic moves to help them reach, and surpass, their goal of $100,000. They have tweaked their campaign to maximize the amount dollar they can raise for their product, and done a number of different marketing tactics to help themn succeed.

Press Release

They utilized a press release which was distributed across the web and helped land them some exposure on VentureBeat. We’re not sure how much they individually reached out to bloggers but they have also been featured on WearableTech, TechCocktail, and Engadget China. If their press release was responsible for this, then it was certainly worth it.

A lot of crowdfunding projects are very unsure of a press release. It’s tough to say whether or not it truly works and is something I will be asking bloggers in our upcoming interview series.

60 Day Campaign

Not many projects utilize this amount of funding period but it’s not uncommon. It usually makes sense for a project creator to extend their campaign beyond the normal funding period if they have invested in various marketing tactics. As mentioned above, if you have invested in a press release, sponsored posts, or guest posts, it makes more sense to extend your campaign to capture all the

Strong Team

Keeping in trend with not being your average project, the Skulpt Aim team is very large and very credible. As mentioned above, the team was founded by Dr. Jose Bohoroquez and Dr. Seward Rutkove. The latter graduated in engineering from MIT and the former currently teaches at Harvard. The rest of their 13 person team is made of developers, engineers, designers, and even a growth hacker. Having a experienced team is not a requirement for crowdfunding projects but will make you feel a lot better supporting the project.

Wrap Up

While not your traditional crowdfunding campaign, this project is bringing a product that is completely new to the fitness experts. The marketing behind the campaign clearly shows that they had some money and resources to work with which made sense to position themselves for a longer and pre-order type project. We look forward to following the development of the Skulpt Aim and hope it delivers as promised to all their supporters.

THE STEAL – $135 for new Skulpt Aim