The Shaggo Grom is a seriously cool skateboard recently launched on Kickstarter. As a parent, Jeff Atkinson started building these carpet covered decks for his kids. From scrap wood and left over carpet he started developing a scalable carpet covered deck. After research and manufacturing he finally perfected a great balance of alloy and carpet in order to create a sturdy and versatile design.

The Shaggo Grom is mini-cruiser that features shag carpet embedded on the deck. Having the shag carpet not only makes your ride comfortable, but it also reduces surface vibration and road noise from your board.

As a 22” mini-crusier, the Shaggo Grom conveniently fits into your backpack or locker. The narrow wheelbase allows for tight maneuvering and precision handling when you ride. The Shaggo come in six groovy colors (flavors) that are bound to capture the eye of bystanders.

Leave your shoes in the house, and tuck your toes into some shag as you cruise the beach. Just in time for the holidays, the Shaggo Grom is the perfect gift.

THE STEAL: $125 gets you a The Shaggo Grom deck and in your choice of color


This article was written by of CrowdDistrict.