The Searzall is a chef’s dream. With the wildly popular Sous-vide craze, Searzall gives you the power to keep up with any food industry standard. Whether you are a home cook, a well-known restaurant owner, or just looking to have some fun with your food, the Searzall is one of the best tools to have in the kitchen.

Searzall crowd district sous-vide Kickstarter Cooking blowtorch smores crowdfunding

The Searzall was born from the new culinary revolution of Sous-vide or low temperature cooking. This evolving cooking style is a method of which food is sealed in airtight plastic bags and bathed in 140 °F water for long periods of time. The intent of this method is to cook the food evenly with out overcooking. At such low temperatures, Sous-vide also maintains as much of your food’s nutritional value as possible.

Due to the increasing popularity of Sous-vide, new methods of food preparation have been invented. Including using a blowtorch to sear the meat. Although Sous-vide is a conventional method of cooking, having a seared edge on your tuna, steak, or other dishes is always a preferred way to top off the experience.

Unfortunately using a blowtorch to sear your food can often burn your dish or leave you with what is called torch taste. This is a result of the high intensity heat directly applied to the food itself.  The Searzall was specifically designed to eliminate this fuel like taste and distribute the heat at a controlled state.

Searzall crowd district sous-vide Kickstarter Cooking blowtorch crowdfunding

The Searzall is not only for Sous-vide dishes, but can sear just about anything. It can be used to heat up left over’s, canned meat, and pretty much any meal you could think of. Nothing says, “I know how to cook!” more than busting out a blow torch when cooking for a woman. Trust me, they love it.

If you’re looking for the advantage in your restaurant or home kitchen check out the Searzall.

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