ROCKI is a Wifi Music Sound System that eliminates the need for the mainstream Bluetooth speaker. Launching on Kickstarter, ROCKI is a tiny device that connects with your sound system that wirelessly connects to your phone. The outcome, turn that massive Bose surround sound set up into your very own wifi device.

For me, the conventional lightweight Bluetooth speaker doesn’t cut it. I want a way to connect my iPhone to my entiresound system, without having to walk over and change the song. I want the ability mid conversation, while cooking, or in the middle of seduction to change the track without interrupting the moment. This is the mission behind ROCKI.

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ROCKI also connects to any speaker in any room. If  you have a sound system in your bathroom, living room, kitchen or bedroom ROCKI is compatible. Because it’s Wifi and not Bluetooth the is no limitation set by walls or distance.

ROCKI is the complete speaker system for everyone, anywhere. By using the user application, streaming is effortless and organization between systems is at the tap of your screen.

Use your sound system to its full potential.

THE STEAL: $45 for your ROCKI “PLAY”

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