Rise Sit Tracker on IndieGoGo is a wearable device that tracks the amount of time you are sitting per day. The goal of Rise is to promote health and give users an awareness of their unhealthy behavior.  For those of us who spend most of our day sitting down, we are seriously putting our health at risk

Research has shown that sitting for long periods of time is often linked to obesity and metabolic issues. Sitting for long periods of time promotes an increase in blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waste and abnormal cholesterol levels.

With most of the population working at desks, watching TV, and laying on the couch, Rise has made an effort spread awareness of our sitting habits by creating a device that keeps track of how much you sit throughout the day. Rise Sit Tracker pairs with your smart phone to show how long you’re sitting and to send you a friendly reminder to get up off your chair.

The Rise Sit Tracker is very discreet. Its small, magnetically clips to any fabric, and very light, so you almost forget your wearing it. In order to maintain accuracy, it’s advised that the device is worn anywhere below the waste and above the knee.

Rise Sit Tracker works almost like the Nike Fuel Band in the sense that it uses data to motivate you, allows you to set personal goal, and sends you reminder of when to be active or stand up. There is also a social aspect to the device in that it allows you to connect with friend and co-workers so that you can compete on who is sitting less.

This is a remarkable device that is going to change the lives of users and promote a new side of healthy living.

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