Rip Clips – Magnetically Protecting Your Pants on Kickstarter was founded by Chris Hackler and Nick Dorantes out of Southern California. They have designed a new alternative to hemming your jeans that looks both stylish and very easy to use.

I can relate to this project on multiple different levels. First, I have been in situations where I took my newly bought jeans to get hemmed only to receive a new pair of floods or high-waters depending on your upbringing. Nothing is worse than practically wasting a pair of jeans because they are not long enough to reach your shoes anymore.

Furthermore, It takes the perfect pair of jeans that will fall perfectly on your shoe that still displays your shoelaces but covers up the back part of your shoe. I don’t think I have ever delved into describing such a small fashion problem but it exists! What’s the solution in this case? A small magnet would do the trick or a pair of Rip Clips.

Aside from the fashion problems Chris and Nick are solving, I like their Kickstarter. If you noticed from their video, they have partnered with the President of CPC Fabrication which is a local shop producing each Rip Clip. Instead of outsourcing their production to China, they have chosen a shop 30 minutes north of them. This is a great sign for backers since they will be able to oversee the mass production of their product. Lack of presence at the everyday factory is a major reason many projects fail to deliver their product on time.

* They are washer/dryer safe

 THE STEAL - $13 for one pair.