Reset is a single player adventure game created by game Theory Interactive Ltd and Praxis. Reset’s IndieGoGo campaign seeks to provide the proper voice/sound work, and contract more content creators for the game. In this game you have the ability to create your own gaming experience. It’s a puzzle game that allows you to create two separate timelines for your mechanic (character) in order to solve elaborate puzzles. The creators of Reset are keeping the game’s over all plot a mystery, adding more and more curiosity to the game format. Much like how Portal marketed itself prior to launch.

What we can tell you, is that the user experience is unbelievable. Based off the teaser trailer and interactive demo, the graphics and user interface is top of the line. The creators have blended dynamic day and night cycles, weathering effects, and multichannel audio in order to create incredibly realistic virtual world.

If you are a gamer on any platform be on the lookout for Reset.

THE STEAL: €25EUR gets you a digital copy of Reset

Reset Game IndieGoGo

Reset Game IndieGoGo
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