Qbox: The Wifi connected BBQ smoker on Kickstarter initially caught my attention at Wi-Fi. I love the way that Cameron Henderson and Josh Maslowski have incorporated technology into an every day household item. Being able to leave some  delicious ribs in the smoker and run some errands or do some chores, while being able to check on it through your phone is an incredible luxury. I would love to see more appliances with this technology.

Another great thing that the Qbox team did was an awesome video. It was very short and to the point. While it was only 48 seconds long, I watched all of it which is more than most projects I support. I even watched their very funny videos in which they demostrate the value  of their product features by uses examples from everyday situations.

Their goal is certainly a high one but I know their is enough meat aficionados out there that would find a great deal of use for this in their residence. THE STEAL - $379 for a wireless BBQ smoker. Get one now and be a boss at your  next BBQ.