Push is the cure-all solution in combining your wallet and iPhone together for quick and easy everyday use.

The Push, created by Dapperbox, is an iPhone case that has a spring-loaded compartment that can carry three credit cards, or two credit cards and a modest amount of cash. Push is available in six different basic colors, and also can come in six limited edition artistic designs.

The Push Case iPhone On Kickstarter via CrowdDistrict

How it works: On the back, there is a button. Press and slide the button up to instantly access your cash, credit cards, business cards, identification. Remove or place whichever contents you wish into Push’s front-facing wallet compartment and simply slide it back in. When the storage tray reaches its final position, an automatic locking mechanism is activated, keeping your essentials locked inside.

There is an incredible amount of use for a case like this. Not only does it protect your smartphone which are getting increasingly delicate with every new model, but it eliminates your wallet. Too many times, I’ve gone out on a night with my friends only to bring out my ID and credit card. This is a sure way to lose one of them and it’s happened before. With the Push, I can no longer worry if all my cards are still with me as long as I have my phone. Now, once the Coin hits the market, I’ll really be efficient.

With 13 days left to go on their current Kickstarter campaign, they have already surpassed their $15,000 goal, and have recently rolled out their plans for stretch goals to include more artistic designs and a possibility for an Android model Push.

The team behind Dapperbox is compromised of Ben Yoshiharo and Arnold Martin from Orange County, California. The idea came to Ben when he observed the many different iPhone wallets already on the market. He noticed that in most cases these wallets either exposed people’s valuable credit cards and money, or were bulky and lacked everyday function.

The Push Case iPhone On Kickstarter via CrowdDistrict

Luckily for those considering backing the project, sleep well knowing that both Ben and Arnold have experience in designing and manufacturing. Ben is a both a product and graphic designer, and brings previous experience to the table having designed novelty products that can be found mostly in 7-eleven or Urban Outfitters. Arnold is an artist and designer, with experience developing prototypes, and founder of Absurd Realities in Orange, California.

With their Kickstarter campaign ending in mid January, the team at Dapperbox plans for the Push to begin shipping by the end of February, and get to backers within the month of March.

THE STEAL: $39 for a single color case, or $49 for the artist series case.

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