These Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses by Epicstoke are very well designed, but before I get into why the product is awesome, I have to address how awesome this team is. Epicstoke is a team of crowdfunding experts. This is their second campaign for these sunglasses (First one succeeded) and their third campaign overall (One on Kickstarter).

In the days where 50% of  projects fail and most are insanely late on delivery with no communication, its refreshing to help support a project run by people who have the experience. They are not going to run into any unforeseen problem as I am sure they had encountered those situations the first 2 times. You can even take a look at their comments section from their Kickstarter campaign and read through a list of happy backers. Crowdfunding is always risky and I encourage you to continue to help the inexperienced, but the professionals always get my trust.

Back to the product. These bamboo sunglasses have an exceptional design with that beach, wild spring break vibe to them. Not to mention, they are CHEAP as hell. $55 gets you a pair of your choice and these will surely retail over $120. Credibility + Great Product + Deals = 5 Star project.

THE STEAL - $55 gets you a sweet pair of bamboo sunglasses.