Play-i is a visual and interactive product that helps kids learn to program. Yes, children learning to program.  From a team of Apple and Google veterans, Play-I is looking to inspire a new generation of innovators and creative thinkers. Play-i uses Play-i Robots, Bo and Yana, as a learning and story-telling platform that make coding accessible for children to understand.  Each device is different in capability and are run wirelessly, mimicking the programmed functions.

Children are able to program these devices to perform basic movement, object detection and complex sequenced instructions. They teach the basic methods of computer science through a fun interactive platform that promotes learning in real time. Play-i’s software uses playful images, music, and videos to inspire creative thinking, problem solving, and ideation, all applicable to any field of study; medicine, architecture, business, law, and design. For parents, if you are looking to raise your child to be above the learning curve, this is the right toy for you.

THE STEAL: Reserve Yana for $49 or Bo for $149

Play-I Pack BoRacer_YanaCape-Play-i
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