PanoPal is a remote controlled device that evenly rotates your smartphone to get the perfect panoramic shot. The panoramic function has become increasingly popular in smartphone use. With new updates and software, our old one-shot smartphone cameras now have the ability to shoot an entire panoramic scene.

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Although extremely useful, using our smartphone’s panoramic camera can be a bit tricky. Unless perfectly still or on the original picture plane, our photos can often come out blurred or glitched. This is caused by either jolting the camera too fast, or moving the camera up and down. PanoPal seeks to fix this issue with its controlled rotating interface.

Using the PanoPal is easy; simply insert your iPhone, access your panoramic camera on either an app or on your phone, press capture, and using the remote control, rotate your phone at any time.

This even rotation eliminates blur and glitch, and produces high quality panoramic photos. The remote also connects direct to your phone via Bluetooth, having the all the features of a standard remote. You can take pictures remotely, play music, and adjust the volume between tracks.

This is a nifty little device that would surely excite the avid smartphone techie.


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