Panono is a panoramic camera ball that captures everything in every direction. Panono allows you to capture every moment of your life and allowing you to relive that moment in an instant. The power of a panoramic camera like Panono is that it not only is able to document an entire scene, but it also captures the atmosphere of your experience.

Panono has a 72megapixel resolution that captures a 360° X 360° full-spherical panoramic view. In an instant you capture everything in every direction, all at once. When you toss Panono in the air, at the peak of its flight, it captures the entire scene through 36 little cameras, automatically. There is no remote or trigger, which provides a perfect picture every time. To view the images, Panono integrates itself wirelessly with your tablet allowing a complete 360° view of the entire scene.

THE STEAL: $499 for the early bird special on IndieGoGo

Please click on the image below and see for yourself.

Panano Panoramic Ball Camera

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