Palette is a freeform hardware interface that offers hands on control of your favorite software. Palette is a customizable platform that integrates functionality into your computer software. Each module has a singe input and snaps together like Legos.

With unique custom capability you can create a controller that fits the way your work. For example, photographers can use the Palette to edit and retouch their work more efficiently. You can program the Palette sliders and dials to adjust the contrast, hues, and saturation and even preset functions when editing photos. For music produces, this controller interface can be used as a fully functional mixer. For designers, the Palette can be integrate in almost any functional software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, and the entire Adobe Creative Suite. This controller is designed to make workflow fluid and intuitive. For filmmakers, it can be programmed as a complete analog interfaces that allows the function of zoom, rewind, fast forward, and cutting.

The Palette desktop application registers all existing software on your computer. From its records, the application grabs all the functions you can map to the modules at an instant. Searching, removing, and adding a function is almost tireless.

Feel like you’re a studio professional while editing your work.

THE STEAL: $99 for the Palette Starter Kit

Palette Controller

Palette Controler
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