Open Electrons is on pace for a very successful round 2 on Kickstarter as they raise funds of a small micro SD card adapter for your Raspberry Pi. Previously to this venture, Open Electrons funded the Pi-Pan on Kickstarter just under 2 months ago. After the reading the comments section, they had very positive responses which give me faith they will be able to deliver on their current campaign.

Open Electrons Debuts Second Wildly Popular Raspberry Pi Project On Kickstarter

After noticing that the standard SD card slot extended beyond the Pi, they set out to create one that would fit for their project, and yours. They have completed different prototypes tested their compatibility beyond the  alpha and beta stages and now waiting for production.

As mentioned earlier, Open Electrons is a veteran team of engineers and Kickstarter. They were able to deliver on their previous project within 2 months [which is very unusual] to happy customers. Best of all, it’s only $5.

THE STEAL – $5 For 1 Small Micro SD Card Adapter