Ninja Sphere: Next Generation Control of Your Environment on Kickstarter out of Australia is another addition to making your home smarter by a crowdfunding project. After projects like Lockitron and Lifx, we love that project managers are innovating the household. Devices like our tablets and smart phones have become so intelligent, they have left behind things like our house and car.

Using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology, USB, and Zigbee, the Ninja Sphere has the power to connect every aspect of your home. By having ‘gateways’ through out your house, the Ninja Sphere sends signals to the other gate ways to give you a 3d map of your house or apartment to full synchronize all your devices, appliances and even pets! It can also detect if things like your wine bottles [or valuables] are being moved.  All these aspects and alerts can be controlled by your phone.

Best part, the project is open source. If enough of a community can get behind this, improvements and bugs will be solved seamlessly.

It’s another pivotal step in a move to having a smart house and I am excited to follow the Ninja Sphere.

THE STEAL – $249 AUD for a Ninja Sphere for an apartment.

Ninja Sphere | Control Your Environment on Kickstarter