MyYogaPro understands that the purpose of yoga is different for every person, and is using Kickstarter to spark a yoga revolution. Yoga is an ancient Hindu practice that has been proven to have major health benefits, including stress reduction, improved fitness, and management for Chronic conditions. But for each person your goals, mediation, thought, or purpose is always different.

Founder of MyYogaPro, Andreas Zoltan of, believes in the power of yoga and has sought to revolutionize this ancient art. MyYogaPro is an online yoga platform that offers in-depth yoga videos courses and way to track your progress. MyYogaPro allows you to connect with other yogis and earn rewards your achievements. The calculated yoga courses feature renowned yoga instructor Erin Motz as she details the specific goal of each exercise. With a directory of over 200 yoga classes, from how-to’s to quick 15-minute sessions, users have the opportunity to have yoga fit their lifestyle.

MyYogaPro also gives users the ability to adjust the level of difficulty for each course to beginner, intermediate, and expert, so you won’t be intimidated or confused on where to start. If you want to start a lesson with your friends, MyYogaPro, connects you with other yogis online sharing the experience from where ever you want. The best part, MyYogaPro gives you full access to your yoga practice on your laptop, desktop iPhone, iPad, or Android device, so you can literally practice anywhere you want.

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