The future is here and it’s moving faster than you can imagine. In the last 15 years we’ve seen the sophistication of technology innovate and bring our society closer than ever. Today, we now see that technology be applied to the Mars One project as they turn to the crowdfunding community.

The Mars One project which is put on by Dutch entrepreneur and CEO of the Mars One foundation, Bas Lansdorp. The entire mission of the project is to colonize the red planet by 2024. The first of which will be a satellite launch in 2018 to gather data and test various hypotheses. Their campaign has a target goal of $400,000 [which seems very low] to fund the research which will provide insight to the real launch in 2024.

The Mars One on Indiegogo via CrowdDistrict

This project is wildly fascinating and should capture your attention. This is the amazing benefit of being apart of the crowdfunding community. We’re truly at the forefront of innovation and witnessing bleeding edge ideas. The Mars One project seems like a real life sci-fi movie.

Infact part of the process for selecting these intial crew members in 2024 will be the form of reality show. Currently there is no set date for the show to air but they have already received over 100,000 applicants who were required to pay $38 dollar entry fee. I get the feeling like this is going to be like American Idol except this time, the people who usually get voted off will just get sent to another planet.

While that aspect of the project seems a bit silly, [yet still intriguing], I am still excited to see this project get funded and come to fruition. I am most interested to see if this guy pull off one of the greatest human achievements in history that started with a crowdfunding campaign.

The Mars One foundation has partnered with the famous Lockheed Martin to assist them in building the rocket ships that will be sent to space along with monitoring the entire launch. Lockheed martin has longstanding legacy of working with NASA on many of their launches throughout the last 70 years.

This isn’t your typical project in that you’re in it to receive a cool product or one day invest in the company and receive a nice return on investment. However, The Mars One team has launched a few really awesome pledge gistd to entice people to become apart of their really interesting project.

The Pledge Goals

In classic crowdfunding fashion, the Mars One team is offering the classic t-shirt as a pledge gift at $29. While most t-shirts are no longer a great idea for a pledge gift idea (very saturated), they hired designer Nick Kariya to create some awesome designs. One depicts a human jumping from Earth to the Moon and then to Mars. Paying their respects to the original Moon landing in 1959, and now taking the next leap to planet Mars.

The Mars One on Indiegogo via CrowdDistrict

One of the coolest pledge goals at $90 is the option to send a message to Mars that is the size of a tweet (140 characters). Can you imagine hundreds of thousands of years from now, someone finding your message? What would you put on it?

On the flipside to the cool pledge gifts above, there is the a fairly ridiculous one. For $3,500, you can get a 14 carat gold coin to commemorate the project. I suppose if you’re a collector of commerative coins, there is some value to you. However, it sounds like those coin sets that they sell on infomercials. I can only imagine the look on someone face as they’re reading it about to melt it at the Cash For Gold warehouse.

The Mars One on Indiegogo via CrowdDistrict

In seriousness the Mars One project has me completely captivated. With so much amazing potential form the reality show to the actual launch itself, it really does have the possibility to be one of mans greatest achievements. To stay updated on this project and because I know a few people who should be on Mars, I pledged $10.


THE STEAL - $1,250 to get a picture and message sent to Mars. Forever.