I love crowdfunding because to me, it’s the essence of paying it forward. You’re helping someone who is looking to improve their lives and society in the process.

[For those unfamiliar with the popular concept, Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.]

Crowdfunding is beautiful. It might be one the most amazing acts of kindness and effort rewarding systems I have ever come across. Everyday, people all over the globe are showcasing new projects in hopes of growing a following and impacting the world. They choose from dozens of platforms to host their campaign and reach out to the online community. They give you the first look at their project and implore your help in achieving their dreams.

There is two sides to a crowdfunding campaign that makes it so special. There is the project creator, who is hosting the campaign, and the supporter [which should be you].

For the project creator, crowdfunding is opportunity. Most people who host a crowdfunding campaign have no connection to investors or VC’s. Yet crowdfunding gives them a chance to gauge the interest of the online community, raise money, and get to work. They put themselves out there and sell their idea to the world, in hopes the world wants an exclusive piece of their idea. I can’t think of anything closer to the American Dream.

For the serial backer or supporter, crowdfunding is the brink of innovation. Its the opportunity to be the first to discover a project. Its the ability to claim partial ownership when that product gets big. Its the feeling of exclusivity that people outside of the crowdfunding community will never have.

Everyday I get to browse new projects, ideas, and causes that are happening right this second. I get to read updates from the founders of projects I supported and patiently await my pledge gifts in the mail. I get to play a part in helping someone raise money, so that they in turn may create something to help me.

I’ve helped a local watch company blow past their goals and triple production.

I supported a woman starting an organic simple syrup business.

I encouraged a young man to make a trip to Africa to work at an orphanage.

I assisted a man re-inventing the wallet for the common minimalist.

I became apart of a desperate family whose son needs a kidney transplant.

 I am a single person, in a rapidly growing community, helping people with great ideas change the world. I implore you to pay it forward and become an active member of this growing community. So, why do you love crowdfunding?