The intelligent cat companion known as the Egg is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for a new cat toy. The Egg, developed by Jason O’Mara, mimics and responds as a living animal to continually peak the interest of your favorite feline.

The Egg is currently smashing it’s goal on Kickstarter. O’Mara set his initial goal of $15,000, but with 22 days remaining on his campaign, he’s already raised $52,729.

The Egg on Kickstarter via CrowdDistrict

The project is very amusing and anyone with a cat should consider getting one. I’m sure you know from experience how entertaining a laser pen can be with a cat and The Egg looks to provide you with the same experience.

On the flip side there’s a lot of value in this project when for cat owners who may travel or work for the better part of the day. A device to keep your cat entertained and at least stimulate their minds is important. Without exercise and proper intelligent stimulation, cats can begin scratching couches, or getting into places they shouldn’t be.

A Very Curious Strategy

Generally speaking, many Kickstarter projects will offer a buffet of different pledge tiers and pricing options in hopes that their potential backer will choose one. However, O’Mara` has taken a different approach to raising funds for The Egg.

With only 3 different pledge tiers, O’mara has taken control over the pledge tier part of the campaign which, if pulled off, is most beneficial to the project creator.

The Egg on Kickstarter via CrowdDistrict

While it’s tempting to offer as many different pledge tiers as possible, the end will result will be you fulfilling all those different orders. O’Mara now only has to worry about 3 different pledge tiers and the first one (early bird) is already sold out. The second pledge tier, which offers the Egg, is set at $31. Finally, his third and final tier, is a more exclusive version of his previous tier.

Something to note about his project which is very interesting is the fact he’s selling the Egg at cost price. It costs $31 to make and that’s been his most popular pledge tier. Ultimately, it’s a strategy that has worked for him but I would like to see him make a little breathing room on his asking price in case problems arise during development. In the end, the difference between $31 and $35 is not very much.

THE STEAL – $31 for The Egg