King For A Night | by Ian Foutz is a wonderful sounding book on the trails and tribulations of young boy in middle school. The novel is based around a large 6th grader who gets cast in the lead role of the school’s adaptation of “The Emperors New Clothes.” The 6th grader, Elliot Stinson, would much rather be hanging out with his  best friend Jackie or an encyclopedia. Not only is the poor boy an introvert being thrown into the spotlight, but he must now face his other fears. The 2 local bullies, Miguel and Spencer, are waiting to humiliate him.

The book sounds incredible. Everyone loves a great story of an underdog who against all odds must find his path in life. King For A Night will surely depict the courage one must have to face the horrendous years of middle school when life revolved around things like popularity and fitting in. While Elliot maybe be dreading this night in the spotlight, he might just end up discovering what he is capable of.

THE STEAL – $50 for your own copy. You may view an excerpt by clicking here.