The Silo Mesh Card is the perfect pocket tool to keep in your wallet. The idea of a pocket tool comes from the push to add to the functionality of everyday items for instance our wallet.  The relationship between pocket tools and wallets has become increasingly popular as consumers begin to realize there is more use for your wallet than just holding your money. With that said think about the contents of your wallet right now.

For me, I know my wallet is filled with old Costco Cards, sandwich cards from that place I’ve been to ONCE, Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards, business cards from that guy I met a while back, and of course the occasional stripper card from Vegas. Perhaps not just me, but all of us are in need of a wallet makeover. What better to substitute your miscellaneous pickups than with a modern pocket tool that is sleek and functional?

The Silo Mesh Card functions as a smartphone stand, bottle opener, and even a shield against RFID theft. With the Silo Mesh Card, there is no need to have your bottle opener on your keys, or even to invest in expensive RFID defense wallets.

This pocket tool can also be used as a credit card holder, even eliminating the need for your wallet all together. In my opinion, this is a great alternative for men, and the perfect pocket tool for the holidays.

THE STEAL: $59 for your Silo Mesh Card

Silo-Mesh-Pocket Tool Crowddistrict Card-Bottle-Open

Silo-Mesh-Card-Smartphone-Stand Pocket Tool Crowddistrict
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