With 12 days left to go on their Kickstarter campaign, Hucklebury has smashed their campaign goal and now their sights on reaching appetizing stretch goals. Their founders are Parag and Dhawal Shah who bring an excellent blend of experience and youth to their Kickstarter campaign. Before we go over the product, we’ll analyze the project creators.

In many of my previous posts, it’s quite clear that I favor projects with creators who bring credibility or past experience to their Kickstarter project. When first time entrepreneurs turn to crowdfunding, there becomes a higher possibility of late or poor products. Not to dissuade first time entrepreneurs with no experience, yet ones with a strong resume are always a good selling point.


Parag grew up in the design and manufacturing of clothes business with big brand names such as Calvin Klein and Marks & Spencer. His mother, operator of the plant, ran a large factory in which he was able to learn the business and analyze it’s faults and imperfections. After receiving a background in engineering he decided to build on his dual backgrounds and Co-found Hucklebury with Dhawal.

Dhawal brings the technical and proven business experience to the team. At the younf age of 8, Dhawal began learning different computer programming languages including QBasic. After the age of 18, he went on to do web development for Qik in 2008. He was their 5th employee and stayed with the company until they sold to Skype.

Moving on their product, Hucklebury brings a few key components to a great Kickstarter project. First, the entire product is made here in USA. I favor a lot of projects that are made within the same country the project creator lives in because it makes solving any potential issues much easier. Both the manufacturer and the project creator are much more accountable in case anything goes wrong.

I’m also a fan of using crowdfunding for fashion. As the project continues to unlock more stretch goals, Parag and Dhawal have been opening up more designs. Instead of browsing through Nordstrom, you can unlock new designs which are incredibly stylish.

The Brown-Blue Madison Gingham Hucklebury Model

As a veteran backer, I appreciate their 365 day guarantee. I can’t think of a single time in which I saw someone promise a guarantee on their product. This is a great marketing tactic and shows that they have confidence in their product, but also willing to provide personal customer service.

Finally, the price point is excellent. Finding a great dress shirt can become very expensive and often lead you into the $200 and above range. However, at $73 for a dress shirt, its at the perfect price that it is much cheaper than a Hugo Boss dress shirt, but not cheap enough to make you suspicious of the quality of the product.

Currently, they have sold out the first round of early bird offering but you can still get one at their second early bird offering.

THE STEAL – $73 for one Hucklebury Dress Shirt.