In the latest trend among the leading crowdfunding giants, a new feature is on the horizon. Indiegogo will be launching a new addition for it’s growing customer base called Indiegogo Outpost.

The new feature will allow companies the opportunity to embed Indiegogo campaigns on their own websites to better incorporate customizable branding that big companies desire.

Why Not Use A Self Hosted Campaign?

Indiegogo is banking on the fact that they because they still draw 9 million visitors a month, and quite a bit of branding on their own, campaigners will still want to leverage their network plus Indiegogo’s. After all, arguably the most important part of your crowdfunding campaign come down to the amount of people who see it.

indiegogo on CrowdDistrict

The new feature addition will still include Indiegogo’s robust analytics dashboard, which provides in-depth insights into contributor behavior.

Indiegogo uses the same HTML and JavaScript embedding technologies that other products such as Google Maps, Facebook commenting, and Google Analytics use to enhance external websites. Indiegogo Outpost users can also integrate their own preferred tools, including Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, and Facebook retargeting.

Where Does This Lead?

Indiegogo is now clearly targeting companies who desire branding and customization while still incorporating important metrics like data and analytics in the back dashboard. With all the buzz about the future of equity crowdfunding, I’d make a guess that Indiegogo is preparing themselves for something on that horizon. It would be silly to think that second leading crowdfunding platform would let equity funding pass them up.

If this is the direction CEO Slava Rubin is heading, I think it’s great. Despite being second to Kickstarter in funds raised, Indiegogo is much more positioned to make a run at equity funding as opposed to Kickstarter.

Kickstarter has very strict rules for both hosting and backing projects, most importantly the approval process. I can’t imagine Kickstarter opening up the doors for all equity projects without some kind of strict process. Indiegogo on the other hand has positioned themselves as more laid back platform when it comes to campaign rules. They could have set themselves up for an interesting first move to what could be their jump into equity funding.

Of course this is even assuming Kickstarter enters the equity game, which former CEO Perry Chen stated it would not back November of 2012 to AllthingsD.

Meanwhile Kickstarter has implemented the  advanced search feature which should have been built years ago. Despite what Chen has said, If the the equity game is a exciting as everyone is hoping it will be, I cant imagine that Kickstarter will sit on the sidelines when equity party is just getting started. Not to mention, Kickstarter is now being run by co-founder Yancey Strickler. Either way, there is a lot to follow in crowdfunding for 2014.

Indiegogo will be officially launching Indiegogo Outpost in the first quarter of 2014.