Hoodsie is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help fund their dream of living life comfortably. But most importantly, they want you to be comfortable as well. Project creators Lisa and John are looking to take a slightly new twist on fashion when in comes to stress free lounging.

The Hoodsie on Kickstarter via CrowdDistrict

The Hoodsie is a full adult onesie that has merged plush comfort wear with trendy fashion  to keep your entire body warm and look good doing so. The stylish jumpsuit comes in 3 different versions with 11 different color variations. Depending on the thickness of the Hoodsie you desire, it comes in Lightweight fleece, Midweight fleece, and 3 kickstarter exclusives. The three Kickstarter exclusives are the Heavyweight terry, Outdoorsie, and our favorite, the 24K gold.

Hoodsie launched on Kickstarter on December 8th and is currently smashing their goal. With 14 days remaining, the Hoodsie campaign has officially raised $23,922 of their $15,000 goal.

Why You’ll Love This Project

The video is a must watch. It was extremely entertaining and well done. Project creator, John, rapped a song about all the benefits of the Hoodsie. See it below:

His first few  lines of his song are  “I just wake up in the morning, zip it up and I’m dressed,” which is their first benefit. Lounging around on a saturday morning? Just throw on your Hoodsie.

His following line “Late into the evening, I don’t want to stress” is the same benefit but in a different situation. You’re coming home and need to get out of the clothes you’ve been wearing all day? Just throw on your Hoodsie.

The Hoodsie on Kickstarter via CrowdDistrict

This is not a strategy I would recommend because it can be easily hinder your product but the Hoodsie team did an excellent job.

Delving into the Hoodsie further, we think it’s a really fun product with more use cases than you would imagine. Yes, this really isn’t anything new but so what? The snuggie was a blanket with holes. This has combined the functionality of your sweatshirt and sweatpants to bring the your perfect warm, fuzzy, relaxing attire.


Perfect Situations:

  1. Movie nights in the winter time?
  2. The morning after you and some friends were out drinking till 4am?
  3. Run to the coffee store?
  4. Work from home? (Seriously.)


I’m almost afraid how long I would wear this when after a night of drinking coupled with the fact I work from home.

This is totally the type of product you laugh or mock at first glance, but as soon as you see a friend with one, you’re going to want it. Not to mention, at $65, It’s a great gift.

THE STEAL – $65 for one Hoodsie