Almost a month ago, TV Personality Melissa Bachman infuriated the internet after she posted a photo to her Twitter account of her hunting and killing a male lion in South Africa. Her insensitive tweet sent out to almost 15,000 followers went viral inspiring such severe backlash that people started petitions, sent her nasty tweets, and created Facebook pages of gaining over 300,000 likes .

Bachman is notable as being an avid hunter and lifelong pursuer of these ‘outdoor’ activities. She’s currently the producer and host of the show Winchester Deadly Passion, where she travels the world on different hunting expeditions.

Her unfavorable following has now reached beyond the social media realm and drawn in an epic troll form the world of crowdfunding.

Here’s One Epic Troll On Kickstarter Featuring Melissa BachmanProject creator known as ‘The King’ has launched a Kickstarter campaign for all those interested in a Melissa Bachman Mount. The King [of the jungle] has set his funding goal at £100,000,000 which is a surprise to me that Kickstarter even allowed this as a setting. And for £50 for a 3D printed version of the mount,

The funniest part of this whole thing is that this got the Ok from Kickstarter. For those of you who have submitted a project before, its not an easy process and a rejection is very common.

While I do not condone crowdfunding assassinations at all, this is an incredibly funny troll with no harm intended. It would be hilarious if the WWF did a fundraiser by selling a 3D printed Melissa Bachman Mount for charity. It could be the next Billy Bass.

Besides, I certainly doubt his 3D printed ‘battalion of automaton robot Jedi ninja assassins’ can do much harm against a hunter as fierce and experienced as Melissa Bachman.

Here’s One Epic Troll On Kickstarter Featuring Melissa Bachman