The Galactic Cap is a new type of condom, attempting to revolutionize the way we practice safe sex. Project creator, Charles Powell, was motivated to to pursue a change in the standard condom after his best friend had contacted, and eventually passed away from AIDS.

With 29 days left to go on Indiegogo, Powell has only raised $1,850 of a $100,000 goal. His campaign on the surface generated a fair amount of media prior to its launch on Indiegogo and even contacted CrowdDistrict over a month ago. However, his savvy pre launch startegy did not not get him to the right kind of attention form potential backers interested in supporting his sexual revolution.

The Glacatic Cap does put together a good presentation

Powell and the entire Galactic Cap team did an excellent job in their overall project presentation. They generated a lot of good PR prior to the launch of their campaign which is very difficult to do. I know they contacted CrowdDistrict 3 weeks ago.

For PR purposes, they provided an excellent amount of of high resolution photos and a well done video for viewers to see.

the galactic cap on crowddistrict

The product messaging is flawed

The first major flaw is in the product messaging. In the beginning of the video, Powell asks the viewer if they would be interested in helping to change the world and save lives year after year. His rhetorical questions are pointing to the fact that that he believes his condom can reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and STD’s around the world.

Yet, after his brief monologue, the rest of the video focuses on the comfort of the condom as opposed to its benefit in savinf people from STDs. To me, there should be a difference if he is marketing his campaign as a new, comfortable condom that will prevent pregnancies or a condom that will prevent the spread of STDs. Since his condom only secure the tip of the penis, he is not protecting people from skin related STDs that regular condoms do prevent.

Team Credibility – Can the Galactic Cap team deliver a good product?

According to the company profile on the Glacatic Cap website, the entire team is only 3 people. While most crowdfunding teams are generally this size, a team that is spearheading a new way to change a sexual revolution should be bigger, with more industry professionals. If Powell had founded this idea and recruited a top level executive from Trojan condoms, I would feel better. I also believe that due to the obvious health statements made bny the campaign, a doctor who specializes in sexual health or sexually transmitted diseases should be on their board of advisors.

Product Capability – Can it actually work?

As mentioned, the fact that ir can’t prevent all forms of STD’s is very troubling. More so, Powell does not do a very good job of explaining what STD’s it does prevent and other it won’t prevent. Sex Education is a major issue in our culture and there isn’t enough awareness surrounding the issue. To create a product that dances around the details is troubling.

Moving beyond the actual health issue, I can’t seem to wrap my head around leaving the base attached to my penis through the day. Whether I’m in or out of water, in various temperatures, or wearing specific clothes, I’m not sure I’m comfortable about leaving an adhesive base on the tip of my penis. This is the most difficult part of his campaign that should have been addressed in his launch strategy. Knowing his target would react this way either means you do not pursue this idea, or you address it in the very beginning.

The other health aspect is for my partner. How tough is this adhesive? What if we’re using the Galactic Cap during intercourse and it comes off inside her? That, to me, is just as scary as super glueing a foreign object to my penis.

Far Off Pledge Goals

After all the health and comfort issues have been addressed, the pledge goals are also extremely undesirable. Since Powell is raising money for product testing and FDA approval, he’s not gifting his idea until the $100 level. This might have raised more money had this already existed and I could buy 10 for $15. However, to make people pay a steep price to beta test a product with numerous health concerns is never going to work.

Also my last problem is with flexible funding option. To those who aren’t aware of what that means, Powell will collect whatever money is raised even if it is far from the $100,000. This is a project that needs a tremendous amount of funding and I don’t believe walking away with a small percentage of the campaign goal is fair to funders.