Reddit is an enormous opportunity to get new backers to your crowdfunding campaign. The site, which generates over 150 million page views a month, is made of tons of different niche online communities. These groups of people organized into ‘subreddits’ are on Reddit for a number of different reasons. The niche of each subreddit can range from funny pictures of cats to a section dedicated to Nicholas Cage ( It’s an amazing site, with a very active crowdfunding community in

Now, Reddit is a very great place to promote your campaign if done right. The site is policed by it’s users and moderators who do not take kindly to spam. I’ll admit, I’ve pushed my limits in certain communities in which I have certainly learned my lesson. In this post I am going to teach you some great Reddit tips that will help you drive more traffic to your page and hopefully acquire new backers.

5 Key Points To Reddit Success

1. Choose the right user name – Do not choose your company or project name. You want a very anonymous username so it looks like someone random is posting a link to your site. People hate spam. If people catch wind that you’re the one posting a link to your site, you may get backlash. Also, any user can click on your username and see your posting history so do not try and fool people in the subreddit. While this is all on the internet, no one likes to be embarrassed.

 2. Choose the right subreddit – Obviously find one in your niche, but also make sure it’s not too small and not to big. At the very right of you screen, just below where it says submit post, submit link, make sure there is between “50 – 110 users here now.” If there is less than that, you won’t get a ton of traffic, and if there is more, your post will get buried and you’ll need to comment 9 more times before posting again.

3. Make sure you have a 9:1 comment to post ratio. If you want to post a link to your site, make sure the user name you post the link under has a 9:1 comment to post ratio. Comments do not have to be in one subreddit, they can be across any subreddit.

4. Read sub rules – Every subreddit has different rules which might conflict with what your posting. For example, some subs state not post any kickstarter/crowdfunding material. The rules are just below where it says “X users here now” on the right side of the page.

5. UPVOTE QUICKLY – Reddit has an algorithm that ranks posts by the amount of upvotes it gets in a certain window of time. 1 post with 5 upvotes in 30 minutes is more valuable than 1 post with 8 upvotes in 7 hours. This is the same with HackerNews, DesignNews, and So when you’re ready to post, rally your friends and family, then upvote as soon as you post.

Additional tips about Reddit

  • If you begin posting a lot and continually have the same group of friends upvoting the same links, Reddit has algorithms that will catch on. They will take notice of these events and the next time you post a link and all the same usernames ( or ip addresses) upvote that link, it will be shadow banned.
  • What is Shadow banned? Basically, your post will still appear on your screen, but Reddit has taken it down for everyone else. So it might appear you’ve posted in a subreddit, but if you call Jim and ask him to find your post on his computer, it won’t show up on his.
  • If you feel like your username has been shadow banned, go to and make a post there. If no one responds, you’ve probably been banned.

These tips are not meant to scare you in anyway, they are just all the things I’ve learned in my tenure on Reddit. When I was a new user and managing a few different blogs, I made almost every mistake here. The most important thing you can take away from this post is that Reddit is something to be learned. You should not be trying to figure this out mid campaign. If you’re smart, you will building poking around on Reddit months before your campaign talking with people, learning subreddit culture, and having fun! I love Reddit and it’s an amazing place for learning and time wasting fun!

Any questions about Reddit? I’d be happy to answer them in the comments.