The Hawaiian is a watch made from fallen Koa trees found on the Big Island of Hawaii that promote social entrepreneurship.

The hawaiian watch kickstarter 3By no means are these watches normal. What makes them special lies within the material and symbolism that they represent.

Koa wood is a big deal for several reasons. In Hawaii, it is a symbol of both strength and bravery. Koa wood served ancient residents of Hawaii who used the wood to create things like war canoes, paddles, weapons, and even surfboards. However, Koa is one of the world’s most valued exotic hardwoods, which means that the beautiful Hawaiian tree is in danger of deforestation.

And that is where The Hawaiian watches hope to step in and make an impact. For every watch that is purchased, the company heading The Hawaiian project, SWAE, will plant a Koa tree on the Big Island. They even go a step further to remain accountable for their promise and they give each backer GPS coordinates of the tree associated with their pledge.

THE STEAL: $160 for a 100% Koa wood Hawaiian wristwatch.

Just in case you were curious, NO Koa trees will be cut down to make any watches, and SWAE addresses that there is enough Koa wood supply to counteract a larger project then expected.The hawaiian watch kickstarter 2

The SWAE team that put together The Hawaiian Kickstarter project is comprised of Brady Moreno and Nilo Jones. Brady is a San Diego State University graduate with a degree in business, and Nilo is the former Director of Operations for Big Black, Inc. (MTV’s Rob & Big / Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory).

Together they have already launched a successful Kickstarter campaign on a line of watches, which can be viewed on their website

For the Hawaiian campaign, they are about halfway funded with $14,270 of their $30,000 goal, and have 52 days to go.

Purchase the watch, plant a tree in Hawaii, and look stylish while helping save the world.

THE STEAL: $160 for one Hawaiian.

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